The Future of Design, Global Product Innovation in a Complex World, by Lorraine Justice, PhD,(Nicholas Brealey/Hachette Publishers) will be available for pre-order on in the coming week.

This book was written for those who are currently, and in the future, designing products and services for other parts of the world. Global product development and design have become complex. It is not just about the sales and product experience today. Rather, it’s about everything you provide to your customers through their purchases. This book, while not exhaustive, is meant to provide new ways of thinking about products and services in the future. There is so much more coming in the way of consumer demands.

We will see rapid changes to the design profession as technology advances, but much of this technology will be used to enhance or augment the designer and the design team. Designers will know the content of this book but my hope is that it will get designers thinking about the future and how they can play a part in designing the technological tools that we will need for future work.

For futurists and artificial intelligence experts, and other technologists, you will know the specifics of what technology is discussed in this book, but it will hopefully bring you closer to the field of design and help you engage more designers in your projects for global success.

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