Lorraine works with clients to help them design their products or services for maximum success in a given market.

She works with leaders and teams to:

Identify all relevant trends in product and service design that could impact success in a given market

Understand how to build and manage a successful innovation team

Ask the right questions about functionality so developers focus on the user and not the technology

Get “from here to there,” addressing feasibility and staging

Lorraine’s clients include:


Lorraine is a talented storyteller and able to connect the dots between technology and culture in an uncommon way.

She uses this strength to inspire her domestic and international audiences about how to think about the design and innovation process. Humor, wit, and straight talk are Lorraine’s signature traits.

Lorraine’s Most Popular Keynotes

The Future of Design

We interact with hundreds of products, and hundreds of different sensory stimuli every day from the moment our bed gently shakes us awake and takes our vitals until the minute our head hits our temperature-controlled pillow and we close our eyes on the sun setting clock we asked to wake us up at seven in the morning. This talk will take the audience on a condensed journey of technology and lifestyle to sensitize your audience to technology acceptance and rejection. How much technology do you- and your consumers – want?

Audiences walk away understanding:
• The broad range of consumer technology likes and dislikes that are not just a generational issue.
• An in-depth understanding of what your audience members would personally require from technology in their future.
• Where we are as a society in the continuum between technology and the human condition.

Leading Design in a Context of Cultural Differences

What makes a product a success in one country and a failure in another? Why do we wince when something just does not seem right? In this talk, audiences’ laugh and cringe as Lorraine sensitizes audiences to understanding potential design flaws in a cultural context.

Design and Innovation in China

Don’t hug anyone but while in China you can tell your Artificially Intelligent Friend your deepest fears and wishes. You can also leave your cash at home in this soon to be cashless society. The East is rapidly changing their culture and lifestyle at an amazing pace. In this keynote, Lorraine takes the audience on a visual tour of the latest lifestyle design and technological products in China and offers insights on how to apply knowledge to your current business.

Custom Keynotes and Presentations Available Upon Request

Through nearly 30 years of hearing her inspiring presentations, Lorraine always delivers dynamic and straightforward talks about design with a sense of humor, and loads of energizing global insights.

Robert Schwartz, FIDSA, DMI, General Manager, Global Design & User Experience, GE Healthcare


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