The Global Innovation Race Is On

Consumers today want more from almost every product or service they purchase. They expect their products and services to be culturally appropriate, environmentally sustainable, easy-to-use, and attractive. There is hardly an industry that is not impacted by these increasing demands: automotive, communication, energy, medical, consumer products, or technology. For many companies, this means investing in gaining a better understanding of the market and engaging with new technologies that require significant investments. The risks are high.

Lorraine Justice, PhD is an internationally known designer who specializes in helping leaders and teams responsible for complex development initiatives maximize their likelihood of success. Learn from Lorraine Justice how the design process can minimize risks and maximize brand visibility and profits.

The Future of Design

Global Product Innovation for a Complex World

The Future of Design: Innovating Global Products in a Complex World will help designers, and other professionals engaged in product or service development, understand that the risks have increased for anyone involved with the development of new products and services in the U.S. or globally.

This is a hugely important book that appears at a critical time.

The Future of Design is a practical guide to professionals on how design works for the benefit of their companies and the people they serve.

Bruce Nussbaum, “Mentor-in-Residence” at the New Museum and former Managing Editor at BusinessWeek

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