The Future of Design

Global Product Innovation for a Complex World


The Future of Design: Innovating Global Products in a Complex World will help designers, and other professionals engaged in product or service development, understand that the risks have increased for anyone involved with the development of new products and services in the U.S. or globally.

The Future of Design also illuminates the changes coming to the design field from new technologies, societal demands, cultural shifts, and world issues, whether you are local or global. This book discusses how risks can be lowered through an expanded data gathering process.

China’s Design Revolution

The evolution of Chinese design and the major shift in the culture of creativity in a post-Mao China.


Justice explains that just as this “third generation” (post-revolution, post-cultural revolution) reaches for self-expression,, China’s government is making massive investments in design and innovation, supporting design and creative activities (including design education programs, innovation parks, and privatized companies) at the local and national levels. The goal is to stimulate economic growth―and to establish China as a global creative power. Influenced by Mao and Confucius, communism and capitalism, patriotism and cosmopolitanism, China’s third generation will drive the culture of design and innovation in China―and maybe the rest of the world.

China is on the verge of a design revolution. A “third generation” of the People’s Republic of China that came of age during China’s “opening up” period of the 1980s now strives for fame, fortune, and self expression. This generation, workers in their thirties and forties, has more freedom to create―and to consume―than their parents or grandparents. In China’s Design Revolution, Lorraine Justice maps the evolution of Chinese design and innovation.

This brilliant book helps us understand why the Chinese and the design-minded in China think and act as they do, what their design scene is today, and what the historic development behind the current situation has been.

I would highly recommend China’s Design Revolution to anyone considering hiring or collaborating with designers in China, or with the increasing number of Chinese designers all around the world.

Anna Valtonen, Rector, Professor, Umea Institute of Design, Umea University, Sweden

Lorraine Justice shares her sharp insights into the evolution of design in China from the perspectives of history, tradition, culture, socio-economic development, and education.

This book explores the intricate relations of how lifestyle, family, living spaces, work life, and self-expression influence design development in the context of Chinese cultural and economic progress. China is the world’s largest manufacturing base with progressively enhanced innovation capability. This book helps readers understand the need of China to leverage on design for future economic prosperity.

Victor Lo, Chairman, Board of Directors, Hong Kong Design Centre

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